Current Music Greenhouse Policies & Pricing

Policies are subject to change from time to time




Piano, Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitar, and Brass for children (18 and under):

Traditional lessons for children                                                $89 per month* 

Combo lessons (Mix of Traditional & Modern)                    $102 per month* 

Modern lessons (Includes Worship or Contemporary)      $115 per month*  

Ukulele or Drum lessons for children (18 and under):   

Combo (Traditional & Modern)                                               $102 per month*     

Voice lessons for children (18 & under):

Traditional, Combo, or Modern                                             $115 per month*                         

All Adult Lessons (any instrument):

Traditional, Combo, or Modern                                             $115 per month*


Acoustic Guitar, Voice, and Ukulele (Piano Coming Soon!):

Modern (All Ages)                                                                              $40/month

Drop-In Rate                                                                                          $15/class             

*Private Lesson Tuition is quoted for four 30-minute lessons per month.  However, older children and adults may wish to take two 30-minute lessons per month for half the normal monthly tuition price ($44.50/$51.00/$57.50).


*Semi-Private Lesson pricing is available at a discount. This is a great option for families. The first student

is charged the normal tuition. Each additional student that shares the lesson time receives a 50% discount.

*Students who pay for 3 months in advance are given a discount.

 -Prepayment of 3 months tuition (based on weekly lessons) - 1 free lesson 


All tuition is non-refundable including prepayments.  Tuition balance is tracked monthly on your account, 

studio holidays will be taken into account, and makeup lessons will apply as usual.  


Unused prepaid lessons expire 1 year after purchase date.  

New students are required to pay a registration fee of $20/student or $30/family. Active or returning students are required to pay an annual admin fee of $20/student or $30/family with each August bill or month when they return. New students will have this admin fee waived if they paid a registration fee in the prior June or July.


Late Payment Fee 


Music Greenhouse students are required to retain a credit card on file.  Students are 

able to pay their monthly tuition via cash or check, however in the event that tuition is 

not paid by the 10th, the card on file will be charged the full balance of tuition due 

with the addition of a $20 late fee.  For your convenience, we offer a monthly auto-pay program. 

Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy 


For lesson cancellations over 24 hours in advance, please email to 

inform us of your absence.  For cancellations under 24 hours in advance, please text 719-749-1515. 


Monthly tuition guarantees your specific lesson time, room, and teacher. Tuition is 

not refunded for missed lessons.  Make-up lessons are issued for missed private lessons if 

the student is sick, or if arranged with enough notice to offer the lesson time for that week to another student.  In the case of sickness or family emergency, a make-up credit will be issued.  


Please do not contact your teacher directly with attendance or billing questions. Our 

office administration handles all scheduling, and will communicate any schedule 

changes with them. 

If you wish to withdraw from lessons, we ask that you notify us by the 20th of the month prior to when you want to withdraw from lessons. You can do so by emailing This allows us the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to our teacher's schedules. 



Weather Cancellation 


Music Greenhouse is located in School District 20, and if school is closed for the 

day due to snow, we will provide makeup credits for those unable to safely attend 

lessons. An overall determination will be made on whether Music Greenhouse

will be open for lessons only after D20 closes. Any closure will be communicated

on the website and via email.  Makeup credits will be 

issued in the event of closure.  

Make-Up Lessons 


Make-up lessons will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Makeup lessons

should be scheduled through your student login if possible. If no makeup time can be

found with the student's normal teacher, students can contact us at to view additional teacher schedules. Students can also

use makeup lessons to try out other instruments by contacting

Make-up lessons expire after 60 days, and are limited to 3 make-ups per semester

(Fall, Spring, Summer). Makeup lessons must be scheduled during months in which the student

is already enrolled in lessons. They cannot be used to hold a scheduled lesson time past

the point that the student is enrolled. Makeup lessons cannot be used to credit a future invoice.  



Studio Holidays/Attendance 


Current students are provided a school calendar that displays which days we are open

and whether we are on a 1st/3rd week schedule or a 2nd/4th week schedule (for students

taking two lessons a month). 


We make every effort to work with our students to accommodate various scheduling 

needs due to vacation or holidays, and provide make-up lessons working within our 

policy guidelines.  Please email as soon as you are 

aware of a vacation or future absence, and we will strive to accommodate your 

request. Please keep in mind your monthly tuition guarantees your specific lesson time, room, 

and teacher. Tuition is not refunded for missed lessons.  

Fifth Weeks 


Monthly tuition guarantees your lesson time and the equivalent number of lessons purchased.  We teach three weeks in December. Students will either be provided an event credit or makeup if their lesson would have taken place on the 4th week. Event credits can be used for Grow Nights, Worship Nights, etc. Often, months will have a fifth week.  

This weeks are frequently used for holiday weeks. See the calendar for the precise dates we are closed.































Music Greenhouse regularly hosts Grow Nights and Worship Nights.  Grow Nights/Worship 

Nights provide a safe, low pressure environment for our students to play, 

sing, or lead worship in a recital environment.   


Grow Night participation pricing is $20/participating student OR $30/family.  Students

also receive an event credit in December that can be used to "pay" for one of these events.

Grow Nights and Worship Nights are free for family and friends to attend! 


Lesson Start Times and Pick-Up 


Music Greenhouse teachers make every effort to stay on schedule.  Your scheduled 

instructor will come to the waiting area when they are ready for your lesson to begin. If your teacher 

does not come within a few minutes of your start time, please check-in with the teacher in room 200a 

or text 719-749-1515.


Music Greenhouse is unable to supervise younger students.  Please ensure students are 

picked up promptly. In the event you will be late to pick up your student, please notify 

your teacher, or text AND call the studio at (719) 749-1515, and we will ask your 

student to wait inside and to let us know when you have arrived. This is for their 

safety and the protection of our studio and teachers. 


School Etiquette 


Students waiting for lessons and siblings waiting for students in a lesson need to be 

seated in the waiting area quietly.  


Please only use restrooms near the Music Greenhouse entrance. 

Children under 12 are to be accompanied by an adult to the restroom. 


Music Greenhouse shares space with Covenant Presbyterian Church and other 

organizations. Everyone in the waiting area must be respectful of others working 

inside the building. This includes keeping volume level quiet, and keeping 

hallways clear.  All MG students and parents are to remain in the designated 

waiting area or in their vehicles when not in a lesson.  All other areas of the 

building are strictly off limits. Children accompanied by adults are welcome to use the 

playground area on the south side of the building.  
















Student Responsibilities 


Music Greenhouse students are required to bring all assigned materials (i.e. 

sheet-music, books, instruments, and any other materials assigned by teachers.) 

Failure to bring a key item may result in an inability to complete the lesson.  No 

make-ups are issued when students are not prepared with required lesson materials. 


Music Greenhouse recommends 4-5 days of practice per student per week. 

General guidelines include: 10-15 minutes per day for beginners, 20-30 minutes or 

more for intermediate/advanced students. ​While this is an ideal, we understand that 

every student and family is unique. The amount of practice time required for each

student will vary and change over time.

Our primary goal at Music Greenhouse is to promote a love for music and growth in ability.

Practice time at home should do the same and will look different for every student. The best

judge of whether we're succeeding is whether or not the student enjoys their instrument. Please

contact if you have any concerns about practice time.


Parent/Sibling Attendance 


Parents and siblings are welcome to wait in the waiting area during the student's lesson.  We find that students commonly concentrate better in lessons where family 

members are not in the room. If parents or students desire to have family attend 

lessons with them, please communicate this desire with your student’s teacher. 


Professionalism and accountability are of the utmost importance to Music 

Greenhouse.  To ensure the protection of our students, and our teachers, we adhere 

to the following standard without exception:   

  • At least two adults are required to be in the area where minors are being taught at all times.   

  • All lessons are taught in classrooms with windows.  


If your child’s lesson falls early or late in the day, we may require parents to stay in the building

during the lesson to satisfy this standard. We will notify you if this is the case for your student. 




Music Greenhouse values our students, and it is our desire to stay in communication 

with our students.  We strive to resolve any conflicts that arise with Biblical principles 

and integrity.  We believe that offense destroys relationship, and work to keep lines 

of communication open, honest, and respectful to all involved. If you ever have any 

concerns about your lessons, please do not hesitate to contact

Media Release 


We love to share our students’ performances and what they are working on in 

lessons! Signing this contract grants permission for Music Greenhouse to use 

your/your child’s first name, photo and/or video in promotional materials, website and 

social media content, and blog posts. In order to protect privacy, we will not “tag” 

these photos on social media, but you may tag them if you wish. We are always 

thrilled when you share photos or video of your performances or practice with us! 



These policies apply to group lessons and override any policies above that apply to private

lessons students.

Once you have enrolled on the website, you will be added to the class roster on the first

class date after the "preferred start date" you entered when enrolling.  Please come 5 - 10

minutes early to your first class. Our classes take place in Covenant Presbyterian Church at

2845 Parliament Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. Please ONLY use the dedicated

Music Greenhouse entrance on the North side of the building. The entrance has a Music

Greenhouse sign on the door. You can have a seat in the waiting area just down the

hallway from the entrance. Your teacher will direct you to your classroom when it is time

to get started. 

For acoustic guitar students, please bring your acoustic guitar, a pick, a pencil, and

a folder or binder to store handouts you will receive during the class. Additionally,

teachers may recommend that students purchase a capo or tuner at a later date.

If you have questions regarding what materials you need or your instrument, please email

You will also receive an email containing a login for our website. The login will give you

access to materials from the class. If you ever have to miss a class due to a scheduling

conflict or sickness, a video of the missed class will be available to view with your login.

All video files are in a MOV file format. MOV files can be played by all Apple devices and

many others. Sometimes additional software may need to be downloaded to view the files.

You can also find our Lesson Schedule Calendar on the "Online Resources" section of

your login. This calendar shows which dates we are closed. Please review the calendar

so you are aware of the teaching schedule.  NOTE: If you already have a login for private

lessons, you will need to use a different login (email address) for classes.

Most policies apply to group lessons unless they are related specifically for private lessons.

Some exceptions include the makeup/sick policy and the billing policies. Students can

view missed lessons with their login, there are no makeups.


Students/Parents cards will be automatically charged on the 1st of every month.

We require 7 days notice prior to the 1st if you want to withdraw from the class.

Your $40 deposit will be applied to your account. Classes cost $10/class or $40/month (4 lessons).


Classes always have open enrollment. When your skill level improves, we may recommend

moving on to a private lesson or a different level of group class.


Students enrolled in group classes will be given opportunities to perform with their

class at Grow Nights (recitals) and other Music Greenhouse events.  




Monday - 1pm-7pm

Tuesday - 1pm-7pm

Wednesday - 1pm-5:30pm

Thursday - 1pm-7pm

Friday - 1pm-5:30pm





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